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John Glenn, the Would-be Vice President

John Glenn. All Americans know the name. Marine, combat and test pilot, astronaut, first American to orbit the earth, politician and statesman, United States Senator from his home state of Ohio. But what most Americans don’t know…or don’t remember, is that John Glenn was came close to being our Vice President. In the summer of 1976, Democratic […]

President -elect Jimmy Carter takes calls from world leaders and works on his inaugural speech late into the night of January 19, 1977 with National Security Advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski at his side. ©1977 Ken Hawkins/Ken

40 Years Ago Tonight…

Forty years ago tonight, President-elect Jimmy Carter put the finishing touches on his inaugural speech. He was quiet and reflective as he sat at a desk at Blair House looking across to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. At his side was Zbigniew Brzezinski, his Polish-born National Security Advisor, who assisted Carter in drafting the speech. Brzezinski suggested and added […]