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Protecting the President

Protecting the President

As you travel on Highway 280W in southwest Georgia, you may catch a glimpse of a baseball field just outside of Plains.  If you turn back the clock to one of the many early evenings between 1976 and 1980, you might notice a softball game underway. It wasn’t your typical high school roster of players […]

President Jimmy Carter plays softball in Plains, Georgia

The Bicentennial, the Candidate and the Carriage

Do you know where you were 45 years ago? OK, here’s a hint…it was the Fourth of July. And it was 1976. America’s Bicentennial. Democratic candidate for president Jimmy Carter speaks at Westville, Ga. on the American Bicentennial.©Ken Hawkins for TIME Magazine I was on the presidential campaign trail with Jimmy Carter. We were in […]

Carter at bat during a softball game at Plains High School. The umpire is consumer advocate and future five-time presidential candidate Ralph Nader the catcher - James Wooten of the New York Times.

The Creampuff

  As a photojournalist shooting a baseball game, I’d never once considered that I could be at great peril…but I’d never photographed a game from this position…from on the mound and behind the pitcher. I stood over the pitcher’s shoulder during his windup watching the batter – his forearms tensed and his gaze narrowly focused on the […]