Carter at bat during a softball game at Plains High School. The umpire is consumer advocate and future five-time presidential candidate Ralph Nader the catcher - James Wooten of the New York Times.

The Creampuff

  As a photojournalist shooting a baseball game, I’d never once considered that I could be at great peril…but I’d never photographed a game from this position…from on the mound and behind the pitcher. I stood over the pitcher’s shoulder during his windup watching the batter – his forearms tensed and his gaze narrowly focused on the […]

The Frugal President

From the “Jimmy Carter – Photographs 1970 – 2010”  book and platinum print exhibition at . After learning the cost of flying Air Force One on short presidential domestic trips, President Carter ordered that – when possible – smaller, more efficient jets from the Air Force executive fleet would be flown. When used, a […]

Happy 74th Anniversary Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter!

Happy 74th Anniversary Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter!

Happy 74th anniversary to two of my favorite people, Rosalynn and Jimmy Carter, here shown in 1971 at his Georgia gubernatorial inauguration when they were still “newlyweds” celebrating their 25th… PHOTO © 1971 Ken Hawkins #truelove #lifetimeoflove #Happy74thanniversary #cartercenter #PresidentandMrsCarter