American Craftsmanship is Alive and Well…and Living in Minnesota

It’s starting out to be a good day!

FedEx just delivered the press proofs of Jimmy Carter – Photographs 1970 – 2010 from my printer in Minnesota, and I’ve been going through them – literally with a magnifying glass – for the last hour.

The printing is superb with the Pantone inks expertly applied to the page.

Wait… Let me back up a minute.

This was a big project for me and I had quotes from Korea, China, Canada and a small printer in Minnesota. And price-wise – the quotes fell in that order – from low to high.

So here I was – producing a book on an American president to be sold to the American public – so sending this project to print in China, etc. probably wasn’t going to be the best option.

I ended up going with the Minnesota printer – Bang Printing  – and now – going through these just-off-the-press  sheets – I’m glad I did.

U.S. craftsmanship is alive and well…and living in Brainerd, Minnesota.


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